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Re: gcc warnings as errors

In article <>, Kurt J. Lidl 
<> wrote:
>I've been working on trying to get the 5.0 branch
>compiled with gcc 4.3.3.
>That compiler has been turning up lots of warnings that
>I guess the in-tree 4.1.2 didn't complain about:
>cc1: warnings being treated as errors
>/nbsd/nbsd-5/bin/ksh/vi.c: In function 'redraw_line':
>/nbsd/nbsd-5/bin/ksh/vi.c:1766: error: the address of 'newline' will
>always evaluate as 'true'
>*** [vi.o] Error code 1
>1 error
>nbmake: stopped in /nbsd/nbsd-5/bin/ksh
>Should I be filing bugs on these?

Just make a large set of diffs and supply it in a PR!


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