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Re: bad dir ino 4 at offset 80: mangled entry

>Are there any pre-built ramdisk images for ARM (size less than/= 5MB) built
>over other hosts (netbsd/linux) so that I test it on my target machine.
>This will also confirm the problem is with the cross-compiled tools under
>Cygwin (esp. nbmakefs).

You can download stuff off of; under
directories for specific NetBSD releases (e.g., NetBSD-4.0.1), you can
find prebuild kernel/ramdisk images under evbarm/installation/instkernel.
I'm not sure if those kernels are the ones targeting your hardware, though.
If you need an image built for something from NetBSD-current, I could
build you an image if you want (I cross-compile under MacOS X, but the
images I build work fine for me).


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