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re: HEADS UP: I will be merging christos-time_t by the end of the week

   The problem will arise if you do this:
        * Build executable 'foo' on a new system with and

        * Build on an old (5.0) system with (old
          version, no compat code, no 64-bit time_t).
        * Bring executable 'foo' to that system and try to run it.  It
          will have libY.11, but that libY will have 32-bit time_t.
   Ow, ow, ow.  But I see no graceful way around this.

this isn't supported anyway.  you're basically trying to
run a new app on an old OS, because the app was built with
the new libc.  i don't see how this is a problem we don't
already have and ignore.


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