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re: -M vs. -O?
       * Longer objdir paths, which can look "uglier".
       * $MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX isn't usually a make(1) expression,
         so you can use it in shell expressions.

says you :-)

personally, i've set MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX to this value for along
time now:


literally [*].  that means i get objdir paths like
/var/obj/amd64/usr/src/bin/ps for my /usr/src tree.

it means i get a different path for every $MACHINE and "src"
location, which maens i never get different machine builds
using the same path, and i get different objdirs for different
src.  eg my netbsd-5 gets a "src-5" subdir in the path.

i find this extremely useful for keeping my objdirs separate.

as luke says in the first point i've quoted above, some of the
default paths (such as tooldir) are not so great.  but you can
work around those too with sufficient help.

i know you can do similar with just MAKEOBJDIR, but i find
this one a lot easier to work without lossage.


[*] i mean:

        setenv MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX '/var/obj/${MACHINE}'
        export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX='/var/obj/${MACHINE}'

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