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re: 4.0.1 build on 1.4T

   In case it matters, here's a (severely cut-down) summary of the failure:
   dependall ===> tools/compat
   checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
   checking for size_t... no
   checking for id_t... no
   checking for long long... no
   checking for u_long... no
   checking for u_char... no
   checking for u_short... no
   checking for u_int... no
   checking for u_quad_t... no
   checking for socklen_t... no
   checking for uint8_t... no
   checking for u_int8_t... no
   configure: error: cannot find a suitable type for uint8_t
   *** Failed target:  config.cache
   *** Failed command: CC=cc CFLAGS=-O LDFLAGS= /bin/sh 
/home/mouse/4.0.1/src/tools/compat/configure --cache-file=config.cache
   *** Error code 1
   [...failures cascading up the make recursion chain...]
   nbmake: stopped in /home/mouse/4.0.1/src
   ERROR: Failed to make build
   *** BUILD ABORTED ***
   I find these failures odd, because I know perfectly well that the
   compilation environment does indeed support size_t and long long, and
   think (but would check before reporting as a bug) that it supports most
   of the other types claimed nonexistent in the quote above.

i'd expect it to work.  i wonder what is up.

what's in the config.log?  it has several sections, and the
interesting stuff is usually in the middle somewhere..


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