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Re: BSD Auth (was: fully supporting static linking in NetBSD (ar "zero" flag))

> > Such as?
> The BSD Authentication framework, with full native privilege  
> separation by design.

I really hope I'm not touching a religious issue here. If I am, just say so
and I'll shut up.

Straight to the point: is there a way to use BSD Auth with NetBSD? In 4.0 one
can't do without PAM. I've lived happily without it so far. I don't mind
having it in base, I'm just curious whether it's possible to replace its
functionality by BSD Auth. I managed to find some code written in 2003 [1],
and now I'm examining it to see what can be done with it and if it can be
somehow integrated alongside with PAM.

This is not about pro/against PAM or BSD Auth. It's just a question, alright?

Best regards


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