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Is __STDC_VERSION supposed to be defined in NetBSD?

I filed a pr for sendmail not building (38983) but it was transfered
from a pkgsrc bug to a toolchain bug. However, no one seems to be fixing
things, so I'm not sure things are broken. Here's a cut and paste of the

Is __STDC_VERSION supposed to be defined in NetBSD?


toolchain/38983 (sendmail doesn't compile on i386-current)

Synopsis: sendmail doesn't compile on i386-current I figured out what the problem is. __STDC_VERSION isn't defined in
NetBSD. This means that sendmail doesn't realise that
/usr/include/stdbool.h exists, so it rolls it's own bool type.  However,
some NetBSD headers will include stdbool.h.  This means that "bool" has
different conflicting definitions in different places.



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