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Re: pcc and build system

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 11:43:44AM +1000, Gregory McGarry wrote:
> I agree.  Most occurrences of HAVE_GCC are actually testing for use of 
> compiler warning flags, like -Wno-pointer-sign.  Maybe there is a better 
> mechanism we can use to solve this?

A good starting point would be fixing the code that chokes on
-Wpointer-sign :-)

I just arbitrarily checked sbin/newfs_sysvbfs and it doesn't appear
there's any reason to keep the -Wno-pointer-sign; it compiles cleanly
without it using both -fsigned-char and -funsigned-char.

Maybe after 5.0 is branched someone (probably me) should go through
that list and clean out the special cases that are no longer required.

David A. Holland

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