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Re: pcc and build system

Christos Zoulas wrote:
> In article <>,
> Gregory McGarry  <> wrote:
>> How should alternative compilers be integrated into the build  
>> system?  Can patches like the one below be sprinkled round the the  
>> build tree and changed later to define HAVE_PCC?  I  
>> currently define HAVE_PCC in my environment.
> Should be fixed in pcap_dos.h? Why doesn't leaving it alone works?
> _U_ is defined to nothing if nothing else defines it... Why do
> we have to muck with it in the Makefile?
No files include pcap_dos.h.  Look at any file in libpcap, _U_ must
be defined on the command line.  Or change every file to include
sys/cdefs.h first; which probably is the correct answer but may be
a maintenance problem.

The compiler support should probably be added in in the same
way as the gcc stuff is.

-- Ragge

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