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Re: fix to darwin xcompile by including unistd.h in nbcompat getmode.c compile

Simon Burge <> writes:

> "Darrin B. Jewell" wrote:
>> The issue is that darwin uses tricks to version the setmode symbol
>> (appending $UNIX2003), while netbsd's compat_defs.h renames that same
>> token to __nbcompat_setmode.
> I think these "tricks" are also the cause of the getopt lossage in
> ?  I never figured out the right fix for this problem.
> Cheers,
> Simon.

Ah.  I've now hit that as well.  It seems kind of bogus that darwin is
versioning getopt, but not the opt* variables that it uses.

To avoid the problem with libiberty and mdsetimage, the only way I could
find was to include unistd.h in the getopt.c in libiberty so that the
version of getopt in libiberty also got the rename.


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