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Re: updating flex?

Greg Troxel wrote:
> Our flex is at 2.5.4, and upstream is now at 2.5.35.  I noticed this
> because I was trying to build something that used newer features.  We
> have 2.5.35 in pkgsrc.
> Does anyone have opinions about whether or not we should upgrade the
> in-tree flex to a more recent version?  It seems that we should, absent
> some reason why it would be troublesome.
> The flex homepage seems to be:
I haven't looked at it since 2.5.31, but that at least were not
supporting all posix-required
stuff, which was because of the threaded support.  Things like input()
did not work.

So, if you want to upgrade, please verify that all this works.

-- Ragge

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