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Re: gcc build is serialised

> SUBDIR+=        host-libiberty libiberty .WAIT \
>                 backend .WAIT \
>                 frontend .WAIT \
>                 libcpp gcov .WAIT \
>                 cc1 cc1obj cc1plus cpp g++ gcc \
>                 include protoize unprotoize

>      The way that parallel makes are scheduled changed in NetBSD 4.0
>      so that .ORDER and .WAIT apply recursively to the dependant
>      nodes.  The algorithms used may change again in the future.

> Any ideas on how to fix it?

Add non-recursive versions of .ORDER and .WAIT?

Change it to run sub-makes instead of simply making them targets in the
current make invocation?

Switch to a less bloated compiler? :-)

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