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re: Linking libc into shared libarries (was: CVS commit: src/share/mk)

   | Hi Christos,
   | Thank you for linking libc into shared libraries.
   | There were some further changes to exclude the gcc libraries, but
   | I took this mail to reply to because that was the start.
   | Hmmm, what about other shared libaries which doesn't use the bsd make,
   | e.g. gmake or a bsd make which doesn't use the /usr/share/mk rules?
   | Shouldn't they be also linked against libc?
   | Can this be done in the linker itself and how do other OS handle this?
   I don't know how other OS's handle this. I will look.

not in the linker..but see what other systems do with "gcc -shared"?


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