Subject: Re: structure alignment on arm in NetBSD? (resend without html)
To: None <>
From: Valeriy E. Ushakov <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/16/2007 16:01:56
On Mon, Oct 15, 2007 at 18:11:09 +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:

> I am not sure, but the kernel structures should be fixed instead...

As far as I understand, if ABI enforces 32-bit alignment on structs
there's just no chance you can express things like the following, so I
don't see how can you "fix" kernel structures for that.

struct foo { /* common 2-bytes header */
	uint8_t a;
	uint8_t b;

struct bar { /* some 4-bytes "packet" with common header */
	struct foo;	/* oops, has two bytes of tail padding */
	uint8_t c;
	uint8_t d;

I guess that's why AAPCS reverted to naturally aligned structs.

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