Subject: Re: Request for comments: let config(1) generate LKMs
To: Bill Stouder-Studenmund <>
From: Hiroyuki Bessho <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 09/23/2007 00:25:09
At Tue, 18 Sep 2007 22:58:55 -0700,
Bill Stouder-Studenmund wrote:
> More importantly, we build the make file as it is. We also are a project 
> that uses clever makefile magic to reduce the amount of work we do. So I 
> think one makefile is sufficient, but I also fully expect we'll have 
> cookie-cutter make fragments that make generate an lkm from a few .o's.
> Something like
> MODULES= ne_isa ne_pcmcia rtl8390
> MODSRCS_ne_isa= 	ne_isa.c
> MODSRCS_ne_pcmcia=	ne_pcmcia,c
> and so on.
> The main difference is we have one makefile as opposed to over a hundred.

  Regarding to modifying config(1), it seemed to me
one-makefile-per-module was easier because we can use existing
<>, but I expect one-makefile-for-all will be much better
for compile speed.  So I incline to one-makefile-for-all now.