Subject: USA Accommodation September 2007
To: tech-toolchain <>
From: Accommodation United States <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 09/14/2007 15:53:07
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Good morning ~ this is a genuine request if you are involved in the US Accommodation Industry.

If you do host Accommodation in the mainland US, of any category:

There is a brand new website to list your property, and line listings are gratis.

This email is a polite invitation to list your property.

If you search Google on "Accommodation in the United States", we are on the very 1st page, at 4th.  
At Yahoo we are the very 1st result. 
At MSN we are the very 1st result.


We are working to make this new web site truly representative of all mainland USA accommodation, Bed & Breakfast, Hostel, Self Contained, Motel, Resort, Vacation Home, Apartment, Villa, 
Studio, Lodge, Hotel, Homestay, Cabins and so on.

All line listings include your name, Company Name, Address, 
Town, Telephone Number, Category, and representative tariff - and they are completely gratis.

Our site does not charge commissions or fees for bookings, simple as that.
There are (of course) options and examples to add value to your listing, all clearly demonstrated on the simple form.


We are asking you, please, to take a moment out of your day, and just enter your details in the simple form, to be listed. 
This is the direct link: (The Complete Guide to Accommodation in the United States) and look for any Add Inn text or button.

The site is based on the _very_ successful models below, for example: 

Accommodation in Canada ("accommodation in canada" is first result out of 33 million), 
England ("accommodation in england" we are first result of out 9 million), 
Hawaii ("accommodation in hawaii" we are first result of out 1.45 million), 
South Africa ("accommodation in south africa" we are 6th result of out 47.6 million), 
New Zealand ("accommodation in new zealand" is first out of 57 million) etc etc.


Thank you and with very warm regards,
Aaron Conder
Database Management
Accommodation in the USA
Accommodation in Canada
Accommodation in England & the UK
Accommodation in Scandinavia
Accommodation in Hawaii
Accommodation in Japan
Accommodation in Australia
Accommodation in New Zealand
Accommodation in South Africa

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