Subject: question(s)
To: None <>
From: Gerald Lee <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/19/2007 18:59:51
	I used anonymous cvs to get a netbsd-4 source tree.  Using, I ran into a problem building cross tools on our Linux system.
The issue revolves around dumping the cross gcc specs (tmp-spec), and
the location of libiconv.  The build hits a point where the cross gcc
specs are being dumped to a temporary file (tmp-spec), and the step
fails because it can not load the libiconv shared object.  Our version
is installed in /usr/local/lib, not /usr/lib.  I've hacked
such that the offending line starts setting the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=3D/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib environment variable.
	My question is, what is the proper way to configure my build
environment for this situation.  I don't have administrative access to
the system, so changing where the library is installed is not an option.
	Also, is there a way to build only a particular
architecture/machine basic set of binaries?  I'm trying to keep my disk
utilization down, and with some of the architectures/platforms not of
interest removed, my build dies (that is ... release) doing
clean-up and not finding the missing architectures.

- bob