Subject: Re: Bash shell
To: Luong <>
From: Jachym Holecek <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/17/2007 21:00:34
# Luong 2007-07-17:
> I get this message when running make command: "Makefile:58: *** missing
> separator.  Stop."
> Why am I getting this? I believe Makefile should be working
> so I suspect something with my setting but don't know what is wrong. 
> Also, I use make jsut to make sure things work, but later on I'll have to use
> bmake because I am not building them on native NetBSD system, but on Linux. Can
> I do that?

You always need bmake for Pkgsrc. Take a look at pkgsrc/bootstrap/README
on how to setup things the first time -- there's a script that can
install all the needed tools for you.

	-- Jachym