Subject: Re: How to force using existing toolchain?
To: None <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/12/2007 10:49:06
On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Luong wrote:
> I don't want to run tools because that would create a new
> set of tools right? My situation is that I already have the compiler,
> linker,etc and want to use them to build the Netbsd tree. If I
> set USETOOLS=no, would it use the default host tools(compiler,
> linker,etc)? That I don't want either. I am running on a AMD linux
> host machine and need to cross compile for MIps platform. I would
> like to have a way to let NetBSD build know to pick my own compiler,
> linker,...  to build the source tree.

You could probably get some combination of EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN and
USETOOLS=never to work, but it's poorly documented, and doesn't interact
well with  Where did your own tools come from, how do you know
that they will produce the correct output, and how do you plan to update
them in future (since new versions of NetBSD will expect new versions of
the tools, and will rely on NetBSD-specific changes to some tools)?

I strongly recommend just letting do all the hard work.  Yes,
it will spend some time and disk space building tools that you think you
don't need, but at least it will work, and it will be easy (and if if
doesn't work, we should be able to help).

--apb (Alan Barrett)