Subject: signedness issues when compiling with -mno-powerpc
To: None <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/19/2006 14:39:04
I'm trying to compile libsa under powerpc with the options -mno-power and
-mnopower-pc.  When these options are applied, lots of things start complaining
about signedeness of pointers to char's.

One example is in libsa/checkpasswd.c line 121, where we have:

char *passwd;
MD5Update(&md5ctx, passwd, strlen(passwd));

and according to the manpage: 
MD5Update(MD5_CTX *context, const unsigned char *data, unsigned int len);

So what is the right fix for this?

My assumption is that each instance of this should be fixed in the source.  Or
is there a compiler option I should use instead to skip past these warnings?

Tim Rightnour <>
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