Subject: Re: gcc 4.1 not recognizing "-mcpu=arm9ej-s"
To: None <>
From: marty fouts <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 05/28/2006 21:56:20
OK, note to self: don't work late on a 3 day weekend.

Of *course* it's not going to recognize arm9ej-s.  The cpu is arm926ej-s.

sorry for the spam.

On 5/28/06, marty fouts <> wrote:
> Trying to compile for a specific SOC using "-mcpu=arm9ej-s" option gets
> error: bad value (arm9ej-s) for -mcpu= switch
> I assume this is because gcc isn't being configured with the
> "--with-cpu=arm9ej-s" option?
> thanks,
> Marty