Subject: Re: gcc4 status
To: matthew green <>
From: marty fouts <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 05/23/2006 00:13:06
On 5/22/06, matthew green <> wrote:
>   Last I checked, evbarm wouldn't built the TS7200. I haven't had time
>   to look at it in detail, but I'll try to make time. Is anyone else
>   trying out arm?
> hmm... evbarm worked for me for both BE and LE, but i deleted those
> trees already.  i'll see what happens with most recent -current...

This is what I get for opening my mouth before syncing.  I synced to
CVS this afternoon and evbarm built fine. It just finished, but I'll
install it on a TS7200 tomorrow and see how well it runs.

Sorry for the false alarm.