Subject: GCC4 status
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 05/13/2006 03:45:03
hi folks.

as many of you are probably aware, most of the GCC4 work is now
done.  (i don't expect to be flooding source-changes any more :-)

these are the remains problems that i'm aware of:

	- gnu/dist/gcc4/gcc/gcc.c is not merged (this is only
	  relevant for the install /usr/bin/cc.)

	- tools/Makefile.gmakehost and tools/gcc/Makefile need
	  cleanup.  they currently hard code using "/usr/bin/env -i"
	  to wipe out MAKEFLAGS from the environment (our make
	  and gmake flags aren't very compatible...)  there are
	  also issues with variables on the command line vs. the
	  environment vs. gmake -e.  (what's there, or will be in
	  a short while, works but it's ugly.)

	- src/lib/csu is broken, at least on i386 and sparc64.
	  something in init_fallthru() loses but i have not yet
	  looked closely.  when i use old crt0.o/crti.o things
	  work again on i386 and sparc64.

	- powerpc stack execute protection support is merged
	  badly and doesn't build yet.

	- only i386, sparc64 & powerpc mknative files have been
	  generated so far.

	- make sure it is still make -j friendly.

	- sets lists

	- probably several other things i can't remember but are
	  in XXX's in the src tree.

i will shortly send out another email with instructions on how
to help test & build mknative files.  (there are a couple more
fixes that are necessary yet..)