Subject: Re: NetBSD toolchain(fwd)
To: jp kn <>
From: Cherry G. Mathew <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/31/2006 18:11:34
On 1/27/06, jp kn <> wrote:

>   this purpose..?As i am doing netbsd porting how can i debugg processor
>   faults..?

I guess you already know that DDB or none of the other tools can take
the place of h/w assisted low level debug, such as an in circuit
emulator support.

What exactly do you want to debug about the faults ? Does your
hardware have some sort of console ? If so, you could start by
enabling basic console support and enabling good old printf. Its
basically a chicken and egg problem, which you need to sort out by
banging your head on the wall. :-)

anyways, I highly doubt that you could do fault debugging with
anything beyond DDB.