Subject: Re: NetBSD toolchain
To: jp kn <>
From: Cherry G. Mathew <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/26/2006 11:23:59
On 1/26/06, jp kn <> wrote:
> hi........
>     which are good debuggers used in NetBSD kernel debugging.....? Is
> all gdb options available in NetBSD..?
> I read about kgdb is it available on netbsd..? can i use ipkgdb for
> this purpose..?As i am doing netbsd porting how can i debugg processor
> faults..?

DDB is the low level Debug framework. Its vastly different from
Linux's and you'll have to add MD stubs for the port in order to use
it. In fact I'm doing exactly that for ia64 ( which is a little more
complicated because unwinding stacks is a nightmare ).

Once you have DDB running, you can at leisure enable KDB, which IIUC
is a ddb frontend for GDB.

Processor faults are hard to debug with either GDB or DDB because the
debuggers themselves depend on correct exception handling. You have to
write assembler code very carefully.

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