Subject: Re: patch rfc: "host tools" disklabel, fdisk
To: David Young <>
From: Jonathan Stone <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 03/23/2005 17:27:21
In message <>,
David Young writes:

[[ good and useful stuff snipped]]

>P.S. There are some extraneous changes I intend to commit separately.
>        Use standard type names (uint -> u_int, ulong -> u_long).
>        Removed whitespace at EOL.
>        Changed all subroutine and variable names from KNF to Pascal/Java
>        style (disklabel -> DiskLabel).
>        (Switched to GNU)
>            {
>                indentation style;
>            }
>        thoughout.

Please don't.  For better or worse, NetBSD picked KNF as a style
standard.  In this arena, any standard is better than every developer
picking their own different style: IOW, anarchy.  What you propose
above is not merely style anarchy, but (due to the decades-long
precedent of KNF in BSD code) a rather distasteful style of anarchy.

>        Changed from British to Yankee spellings (judgement -> judgment,
>        colour -> color).

Just personally, on this one, given the large contingent of non-US
developers who have to deal with English code and comments, I'd go the
other way: accept normal (non-US) English spelling. To anyone used to
French (or even Latin, maybe other Romance languages), US spelling
changes are gratuitously weird.  (I mean, really, "amphitheatre" but