Subject: Interix support (missing function utimes())
To: None <>
From: Jesse Off <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/18/2005 13:55:10
I've been trying to cross build NetBSD-current using Interix (Windows 
Services for UNIX).  Its important to some of our embedded customers to be 
able to work in Windows since there is a lot of good EDA software that only 
runs on Windows (IDE's for FPGA programming, PCB/schematic capture, etc.) 
I've run into a few problems so far:

* cc did not work for bootstrapping nbmake.. had to use HOST_CC="gcc"
* many missing declarations unless #define _ALL_SOURCE, had to add both 
HOST_CPPFLAGS seemed to be used only on the nbmake build
* missing zlib..  installed pkg from Interopsystems, but installed it in 
/usr/local/[include,lib] so just cp'ed to /usr/include
* missing sys/mtio.h header for tools/compat..  removed from configure and 
all was fine.
* linking tools/binstall failure.   There is no utimes or futimes on 
interix.  (Its been officially deprecated by Microsoft for utime())

Has anybody tried this lately or has this already been determined to be a 
lost cause?

//Jesse Off