Subject: Request for Change: path to X11 dir?
To: None <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/07/2005 14:22:17
Greetings, all,

Sorry if this is the wrong list; if it is, please advise me of
the correct one.

I would like to request that all instances of /usr/X11R6 be replaced
with ${X11ROOTDIR}, if applicable. seems to set the precedent
by referencing it, but all other places seem to ignore it.  This seems
broken to me.

"Don't do non-standard things" is not valid to me in this case; WRT
standard system stuff, sure -- I'm not out to suggest that everything
to into /bin and /lib, for example.  But since X11 isn't *really* part
of the base system, should we not make its destination malleable?

There are a great many packages which look in /usr/local for libs which
are present in /usr/X11R6, and this is broken as well (i.e. why reinstall
libfreetype2 when it's part of X?!?).

Rather than tilt against the windmill of trying to get all the packages
fixed, because someone in their infinite wisdom decided arbitrarily which
packages are strictly X11 and which of them belong in localbase instead
(we're putting WINDOW MANAGERS in $LOCALBASE!), I'm wanting to try to make
life a little easier, so I want X11 to build into /usr/local instead.

As it stands now, the interrelation between packages and X is horribly
broken, IMO, but I have not the energy to fix it, and I almost don't
have the energy to say anything about this.

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