Subject: Re: Trouble building -current
To: Michael Wolfson <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 11/08/2004 17:02:32
On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 13:15:54 -0800
Michael Wolfson <> wrote:

> I've tried cross-compiling an hp700 snapshot from a 2.0_BETA sparc64=20
> system and from a MacOS X 10.3.5 system.  They're the only hardware=20
> I've got with enough horsepower/disk space to try this.
>   compiling GENERIC kernel for hp700 fails "error: unrecognizable
>   insn"
This is a knowen problem. GCC has 64 bit bugs, at least the PA-RISC
backend. This bug occures on all 64 bit build hosts. (I tried Alpha and
UltraSPARC). Work arounds are to compile the affected file with an other
optimization level or to use a 32 bit build host. (I use a 32 bit kernel
on my Ultra 5 with sparc userland for this purpose.) As I am no GCC
expert I have to leave the real solution open for the toolchain gurus.

Beware: Even on 32 bit machines only -O0 can be trusted. You may use -O1
or -O2 without problems in the first sight, but be prepared for some
funky compiler bugs that show up at runtime of the generated binaries.

>   cross-building of hp700 from Darwin fails when using "join"
Don't know about this. Usually I do hp700 buils on SGI IRIX and
sometimes on sparc64 with 32 bit kernel.

> Any suggestions appreciated (or a self-hosting snapshot that works on=20
> my 735/99).
There should be somthing in the snapshoot area of
I hope to get some time for NetBSD in the next weeks to build a new
snapshoot and finalize some pending work.