Subject: Re: GCC and binutils for 64 bits MIPS processors
To: TOMARI, Hisanobu <>
From: Eric Christopher <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/19/2004 12:01:09
On Tue, 2004-10-19 at 06:11, TOMARI, Hisanobu wrote:
> Sorry for talking about non-NetBSD, but I hope this may be of some 
> help...
> On my MacOS X machine, binutils and gcc for mips64 could be built 
> without any effort. Like:

He's actually talking about elf64 abis like n32 and n64.

> > I have an Octane IP30 system, which seems to be able to load only
> > ELF 64 bits executables. Is the toolchain able to build such 
> > executables
> > (I guess not), and what should be done to make such a toolchain ?
> >

64-bit mips does work in mainline for the linux people (or at least has
recently), you'd need to talk to the people importing sources to see if
you can get it to work for netbsd.


Eric Christopher <>