Subject: building NetBSD on Tru64 UNIX
To: None <>
From: Rumi Szabolcs <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/03/2004 06:08:12

I tried to build the toolchain for NetBSD-2.0_BETA on Tru64 5.1B
and Compaq C 6.5, here is what happened:

1.) /bin/sh doesn't work, HOST_SH isn't honored (not only on Tru64).
I had to replace /bin/sh directly with a compatible shell as it seems
to be hardcoded at several places.

2.) I had to install zlib and set CPPFLAGS="-I/.../zlibincludedir"
and LDFLAGS="-L/.../zliblibdir" into the environment for it to work.

3.) the normal awk supplied with Tru64 has reported several errors like
awk: Line                                        {      uint32_t _tm... cannot have more than 199 fields.
I had to install GNU awk to fix that.

4.) at last the building of "tools" failed the following way:


===> command: ./ -U -r -T /home/rumi/netbsd/tools -D /home/rumi/netbsd/build -R /home/rumi/netbsd/release -m alpha tools


dependall ===> compat


#    create  compat/vis.d
/home/rumi/netbsd/tools/bin/nbhost-mkdep -f vis.d --     -I/usr/local/include -I. -I./include -I/home/rumi/netbsd/src/tools/compat -DHAVE_NBTOOL_CONFIG_H=1  -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D__DBINTERFACE_PRIVATE  /home/rumi/netbsd/src/tools/compat/../../lib/libc/gen/vis.c
#    create  compat/.depend
rm -f .depend
/home/rumi/netbsd/tools/bin/nbhost-mkdep -d -f .depend -s .o\ .lo __fts13.d __glob13.d _err.d _errx.d _verr.d _verrx.d _vwarn.d _vwarnx.d _warn.d _warnx.d atoll.d basename.d bt_close.d bt_conv.d bt_debug.d bt_delete.d bt_get.d bt_open.d bt_overflow.d bt_page.d bt_put.d bt_search.d bt_seq.d bt_split.d bt_utils.d db.d dirname.d fgetln.d flock.d fparseln.d getmode.d getopt_long.d gettemp.d hash.d hash_bigkey.d hash_buf.d hash_func.d hash_log2.d hash_page.d issetugid.d lchflags.d lchmod.d lchown.d libyywrap.d md2c.d md2hl.d md4c.d md4hl.d md5c.d md5hl.d mkdtemp.d mkstemp.d mpool.d pread.d putc_unlocked.d pw_scan.d pwcache.d pwrite.d rec_close.d rec_delete.d rec_get.d rec_open.d rec_put.d rec_search.d rec_seq.d rec_utils.d rmd160.d rmd160hl.d setenv.d setgroupent.d setpassent.d setprogname.d sha1.d sha1hl.d snprintf.d strlcat.d strlcpy.d strmode.d strsep.d strsuftoll.d strtoll.d unvis.d vis.d
nbmake: don't know how to make pragma. Stop

nbmake: stopped in /home/rumi/netbsd/src/tools/compat

*** Failed target:  dependall
*** Failed command: cd /home/rumi/netbsd/src/tools/compat; /home/rumi/netbsd/tools/bin/nbmake realall
*** Error code 2

nbmake: stopped in /home/rumi/netbsd/src/tools/compat

*** Failed target:  dependall-compat
*** Failed command: targ=dependall;dir=compat; case "$dir" in /*) echo "$targ ===> $dir"; cd "$dir"; /home/rumi/netbsd/tools/bin/nbmake "_THISDIR_=$dir/" $targ; ;; *) echo "$targ ===> $dir"; cd "/home/rumi/netbsd/src/tools/$dir"; /home/rumi/netbsd/tools/bin/nbmake "_THISDIR_=$dir/" $targ; ;; esac
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /home/rumi/netbsd/src/tools

ERROR: Failed to make tools


Any comments/suggestions?

Szabolcs Rumi