Subject: Re: netbsd on OSX
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/09/2003 22:02:35
On 2003.10.09 20:42 Matt Thomas wrote:

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> > Someone using Mac OSX for netbsd cross-development?
> Some do.
> > Or what is the best platform for cross-developing
> > to a 8260 ppc platform...
> NetBSD of course.  The faster the better. :)
Speaking of "foreign" build environments: Shouldn't NetBSD be buildable
on any (POSIX) *IX? 

I tried to build on an Octane/IRIX and on an Alpha/Tru64 and had not
much success. The trouble starts with nbmake that wants asprintf(3) that
is not available on IRIX and Tru64. Even worse: IRIX has no BSD
vfork(2). From IRIX fork(2) 
     It should also be noted that this vfork
     is NOT and DOES NOT have the same semantics as the original BSD

And I needed to use /usr/local/bin/ksh (== pdksh) to execute