Subject: Re: Softfloat and GCC
To: Ben Harris <>
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 09/16/2003 09:10:03
Ben Harris <> writes:

> Oops.  Serves me right for not checking.  In that case, something in the
> main program used __fixunsdfsi, which uses __fixdfsi, which pulls in
> softfloat.o from libc, which tries to redefine __fixunsdfsi, which causes
> doom.

That may be a gcc misconfiguration.  libgcc is normally complete with
respect to math operations.  Normally when using soft floating point
gcc will provide its own soft floating point routines which are then
included in libgcc.  In this case it seems that it did not.

The gcc/config/sh/t-sh file does include the soft floating point
support (fp-bit.c).  I don't know which t-* files are being used here,