Subject: re: CVS commit: src
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 06/03/2003 15:25:36
   Modified Files:
   	src/lib/libc/stdlib: atoll.c
   	src/tools/compat: Makefile compat_defs.h configure
   Log Message:
   Add atoll(3) to libnbcompat.  We need it when building target's gcc
   for a 64-bit target on a 32-bit host.
   NB: There seems to be a bug in either gcc itself or the way we import
   it, b/c the incorrect #define HAVE_ATOLL is picked from (e.g. for
   sparc64) gnu/usr.bin/gcc/arch/sparc64/auto-host.h - so when gen*
   auxilary (host) programs are built in gnu/usr.bin/gcc/backend, they
   incorrectly pick-up target's HAVE_ATOLL.
   For now providing atoll(3) in libnbcompat is a simple and sufficient

hmmm.. i guess this is because auto-host.h is generated on a netbsd
host... hmmmm not sure what the right solution here is - we need some
way of using the ones that configure would generate for the host,
which is probably the ones in src/tools/toolchain?  does this work
properly with EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN(?) - i'd guess not... what do we
do here?  have a small configure that is run to generate this?