Subject: Request for help: GCC guru answers to GCC 3.3 internals question/problem (try #2)
To: None <>
From: Joel Baker <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 05/16/2003 16:14:29
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[ Sending this to tech-toolchain on the recommendation of some of the     ]
[ current-users folks.                                                    ]

For various reasons (not really related to NetBSD), I need to make sure
that dynamically linked binaries get an explicit NEEDED statement in the
ELF object for libc, in all cases (IE, I can't ensure that I just add -lc
explicitly to all compiles).

Trying to change LIB_SPEC in gcc/config/netbsd*.h to have a stanza for
'%{shared:-lc}' builds the compiler fine, but causes the testsuite to start
blowing massive chunks; in 3.2, this happened in basic_string template
instantiation; in 3.3, I haven't tracked down what's going on yet (so it
might be the same, or it might not).

I've tried the gcc-help list, and #gcc on IRC, already; unfortunately,
neither had anyone sufficiently capable of figuring out what the problem
was. So now I'm asking here...
Joel Baker                           System Administrator -    

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