Subject: binutils update update
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 03/01/2003 21:01:33
hi folks.

i've gotten new binutils working on all currently supported platforms that
build.  this means:

	sparc, sparc64, arm, mips, i386, powerpc, m68k, vax & alpha.

i have made m68000 (sun2) and sh3le/sh3be build the new bits, but due to
other issues (pthreads) they don't build at all currently so i have not
tested they work.  then again, we've probably never had a binutils updated
where 9 platforms were tested first :)  new binutils also will bring in
support for hppa & x86_64...

so, the plan is to import it real soon now (maybe my tonight even) and
merge shortly afterwards.  the tree may break for a little while...

other issues:

	- this bumps libbfd's major number, which means gdb will need to
	be recompiled.  my simple testing shows that gdb still mostly
	works (however, eg, sh3 won't), but may generate warnings due to
	using old BFD functions.  this will be fixed when ...

	- GDB update comes next.  i'm going to need help on this one as
	i'm least familiar with GDB out of all the toolchain parts...