Subject: RFC: splitting out libopcodes from libbfd.
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 02/23/2003 15:19:15
hi folks.

i'm in the process of updating binutils in our tree, and i've hit a
problem i'd like some other comments on before proceeding.

currently, we build libbfd & libopcodes together into a single 
libbfd that is installed.  this is problematic because the CFLAGS
for these two entities are merged in gnu/lib/libbfd, but in the
distribution, they are disjoint, and, in 2.13, they are conflicting.
in particular, opcodes defines SHMEDIA_INCLUDE in Makefile while
bfd defines it in individual .c files that include elf32-sh.c..

with the current system, those .c files that _do not_ normally 
define SHMEDIA_INCLUDE are having it defined, which is causing
lossage (symbols missing because they shouldn't be being used at

i think we should formally split libopcodes out of libbfd.  the
other option is to build opcodes in gnu/lib/libbfd/opcodes and
link that into libbfd, but it seems to me we'd be smarter to move
closer to the real method of building.



ps: i am using binutils