Subject: Re: crunchgen changes to use symbol renaming instead of symbolhiding
To: Simon Burge <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 01/28/2003 02:21:45
BTW: How is mips working at the moment? Does it still use crunchhide?

If so, I think this should go in as soon as possible just to get all that
cleaned up as well.


>Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
>> In article <>
>> wrote:
>> > This is not a large change and is mostly self contained in 1 new routine...
>> IMHO, if someone is working to get the patch into the master
>> binutils tree, it's ok to commit it to our tree first.
>> If no one is working on it, I don't think it's good thing
>> for our build system to rely on such local extensions
>> because we will have to continue to maintain the patch
>> for each binutils release.
>I plan on following this up to get the changes into the master binutils
>To answer an earlier concern, the only option the patch adds is
>"--redefine-syms-file", which I'm pretty sure shouldn't conflict with
>any other changes to objcopy :-)
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