Subject: Re: yacc and PR 4260
To: Alistair Crooks <>
From: Aymeric Vincent <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 12/28/2002 14:44:13

Alistair Crooks <> writes:

> Usually I'm all for backwards compatibility, but sometimes it's
> necessary to "draw a line" and say "that's too old".  Given that C
> grew ANSI support (in the form of function prototypes, a fully
> specified pre-processor, trigraphs and other "improvements") in or
> before 1989, (most compilers were able to support ANSI features before
> they became part of the ANSI spec), I think it's time to say "thanks,
> and goodbye" to K&R C support, 13+ years on.

Yes, you're right. However, the PR is not about supporting non-ANSI
C's "core language", but addresses a problem regarding the ANSI C
library (namely an unusual realloc()), and the (non-)availability of a
couple of macros like __P which is AFAIK not part of the ANSI C

Obviously, the person who submitted the PR effectively did have an
operating system (SunOS 4) which he had problems compiling our yacc
output on. But then again, I agree the PR is old.

Kind regards,