Subject: Re: more bad toolchain build mojo
To: Sean Davis <>
From: None <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/31/2002 04:31:56
>>  > cd: can't cd to /usr/rafal/netbsd-src/tools/toolchain/obj/build/gcc/include
>>  > tar: Sorry, unable to determine archive format.
>>  > *** Error code 1
>> This is a problem with the new pax-as-tar.  I guess the input stream is
>> empty, and pax-as-tar is croaking on that?
>ISTM that the problem is not with pax-as-tar, but with the build process there
>itself. Why is it trying to use a directory that doesn't exist?

	GNU tar exit(0) on empty input.  pax-as-tar exit(1) on empty input,
	so make dies.

	i believe i have fixed it bin/pax/ar_subs.c revision 1.20...