Subject: current toolchain build failure
To: None <,>
From: Sean Davis <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 10/22/2002 10:00:17
I have had this happen with both and -t. Did I miss

The directory /disk2/f/bsdobj/tools/toolchain.i386/build/gcc/include does
not exist..

if [ -f gcov ];  then  rm -f /disk2/f/tools/bin/gcov;
/disk2/f/tools/bin/nbinstall -c  -r  gcov
/disk2/f/tools/bin/`t='s,^,i386--netbsdelf-,'; echo gcov | sed -e $t;  fi
rm -rf /disk2/f/tools/lib/gcc-lib/i386--netbsdelf/2.95.3/include
mkdir /disk2/f/tools/lib/gcc-lib/i386--netbsdelf/2.95.3/include
chmod a+rx /disk2/f/tools/lib/gcc-lib/i386--netbsdelf/2.95.3/include
(cd `pwd`/include ;  tar -cf - .; exit 0) | (cd
/disk2/f/tools/lib/gcc-lib/i386--netbsdelf/2.95.3/include; tar xpBf - )
cd: can't cd to /disk2/f/bsdobj/tools/toolchain.i386/build/gcc/include
tar: Sorry, unable to determine archive format.
*** Error code 1

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