Subject: Re: Upgrade from 1.5.x to -current on alpha
To: Lubomir Sedlacik <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 08/16/2002 19:26:57
On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, Lubomir Sedlacik wrote:

# what about just using correctly? :)  you should not use
# DESTDIR=/, that's why you broke your system.

Umno, I don't buy this.

If DESTDIR=/ is that broke, it shouldn't be permitted at all.

I *avoid* DESTDIR=/ just out of common sense (that and I've been bit
by crt0.o blowing up all subsequent compilations when I do that),
but it should not just fail, I don't think.  If it does fail,
why do we permit it?

NetBSD: Get Over It.