Subject: Re: Upgrade from 1.5.x to -current on alpha
To: Lubomir Sedlacik <>
From: Dave Huang <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 08/16/2002 18:17:07
On Sat, 17 Aug 2002, Lubomir Sedlacik wrote:
> what's correct about rewriting half of your _working_ system and then
> realize that your build crashes?  (assuming that you did not tested the
> same sources with different DESTDIR as xavier does and andreas didn't)

That might be dangerous, but I wouldn't call it incorrect. NetBSD is big
on backwards compatibility; if things are working correctly (and they
almost always are), there's no problem using new libraries with old

> you can find yourself with incomplete system which has half of things
> from your older build (or install) and other half from the new.  if you
> are out of luck, your system is unusable (as andreas realized),
> especially when doing things like 1.5.x -> 1.6x -current.

Andreas's build didn't really crash... installation of the new libc
caused the crash, and even if you build to a separate DESTDIR and
install from there, there's a window where your libraries and binaries
aren't matched. My question is why the old binaries are crashing with
the new libc... something's wrong if you have to recompile all your
binaries after upgrading from 1.5 to -current (especially since there
hasn't been an a.out to ELF switch on alpha).

> using DESTDIR=/ unless you _really_ know what you are doing is
> irresponsible, imo.

Perhaps, but I wouldn't say that it's "incorrect" to do so.
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