Subject: sys/core.h and cross compiling
To: None <>
From: Ian Dall <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/27/2002 17:49:34
I am looking at the current GNU binutils and it has a file
bfd/netbsd-core.c, which includes sys/core.h. This is the same as in
our gnu/dist/toolchain tree, but it is wrong in a cross compiling
environment outside the NetBSD tree, since it gets the host's

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to proceed? Just copying the
sys/core.h into (for e.g.) bfd/netbsd-core.h would work with minor
change to nstbsd-core.c. I tried symlinking it and it went OK.  The
problem is that copyright/licencing reasons make this problematic.

We could say we are not interested in supporting the GNU way of doing
things but I think that is short sighted. It is helful if a random GNU
developer can at least cross build the ports of their tools to our
platforms. That way reported bugs can be duplicated and maybe even

Is there any possibility that this file (sys/core.h) could be given
(non exclusively) to the FSF? I notice that netbsd-core.c, is in fact
under the GPL and both these files are by the same author.

There is also the small mater of one extra parameter MAXCOMLEN,
required by sys/core.h. We keep that in sys/param.h. Again when
cross-compiled outside the NetBSD tree, the host's param.h is picked
up and MAXCOMLEN is not defined. This case is a bit simpler in so far
as it is only one parameter, whose definition could be added to
netbsd-core.c or to the exported version of sys/core.h.

Any suggestions of how to proceed?