Subject: Re: New checkflist mechanism too strict ?
To: NetBSD-tech-toolchain <>
From: Xavier HUMBERT <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 07/22/2002 20:19:21
You wrote :

> The addition of "make checkflist" was added to the "maketars" target in
> distrib/sets/Makefile to ensure that the generated tar files have all
> the appropriate contents.  In Xavier's case, his /usr/build appears to
> have a couple of now-obsolete files.

No, I actually empty it every 2 or 3 builds, when it fails.
> The "sets" target in distrib/sets/Makefile depends upon "maketars",
> and is only called in the top-level Makefile or etc/Makefile by
> "make release" or "make snapshot".
> AFAICT, a "./ -d DESTDIR" invokes "make distribution", so it
> shouldn't even invoke checkflist-as-part-of-maketars.  It's only if
> you add "-R RELEASEDIR" to the invocation that it should.

In this case, that's a bug in, since checkflist *is* invoked
just with "-d" switch.