Subject: Re: permissions problems in METALOG file
To: <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 05/20/2002 17:17:36
On Mon, May 20, 2002 at 08:50:05AM +1000, Luke Mewburn wrote:

I just spent all day writing a careful response - only to
have mutt lose the temporary file!

> As I said earlier, the METALOG support was added for a specific
> purpose, and if your using it for any other purpose, you must
> understand its constraints.  If you can use it for other purposes
> within the constraints of its existing purpose, then that's good for
> you.

I understand what it wqs generated for - indeed it is a good idea.
It also contains 99.9% of the info needed to update a system
after an unprivileged update build...
(Any suggestions of other methods to determine which files
need updating? What do other people do?)

>   | > pax should do the right thing,

It does what you need it to do in order to build releases...

> That is not a supported use of METALOG.  Your METALOG must contain
> appropriate entries, and in the case of hard links, that currently
> means listing the entry that it's linked to

Which is what I'd expect.  Except an update build always adds
the entries for LINKS...

Looking through the build system, I found very few cases where
LINKS was used for anything other than program binaries.

IIRC the only library is libl (you changed the rest to use symlinks).
man/man4/man4.alpha/Makefile uses LINKS instead of MLINKS.

I've added a LINKMODE to the Makefile's of the suid/sgid
programs, modified to pass it to xinstall, and
xinstall to use the mode, user and group passed on the
command line when generating the metalog entry for hard
links (defaulting the mode to that of the target file).


David Laight: