Subject: permissions problems in METALOG file
To: None <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 05/16/2002 14:03:25
I've just updated my 'current' system to current 'current'.....

When copying the built files from $DESTDIR to / using the info
from METALOG ('cos I did an UNPRIVED build) I found the
following inconsistencies in the METALOG file.

There are a several programs that are installed with multiple
names.  Traditionally these have been hard linked together,
indeed the previous METALOG file had type=hlink entries for these files.
However these entries (today) are type=file.
(some have been replaced by symlinks)

This wouldn't matter too much (apart from the extra disk space)
except that for those that are normally suid/sgid the permissions
on the subsequent lines are just 0555.

Depending on how the copy from $DESTDIR to / is done, either the
multiple copies of the file have different permissions, or all
the copies of the file have the same permissions - probably that
of the last entry - which are wrong.

I don't know what pax does, but my script detected this :-)
The following are definitely affected:

    at		atq, atrm, batch
    dump_lfs	rdump_lfs
    chpass	chfn, chsh
    passwd	yppasswd
    systat	sysstat
    dump	rdump
    cksum	sum, md[2-4], sha1, rmd160

I might look at the scripts tomorrow - need to go and help set
up a beer festival this afternoon.


David Laight: