Subject: Re: Problems with cross-building release i386 -> hp300
To: None <>
From: Jarle Greipsland <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 04/17/2002 09:56:19
Gregory McGarry <> writes:
> > SYS_INST loads the miniroot.fs, and the kernel boots out of
> > the miniroot as well.  However, most programs being run out
> > of the miniroot image fail with signal "Illegal instruction".

> Great to see that you were successful to get everything to build!
Well, I seem to recall having to tinker slightly with the INSTALL
notes in order to make a proper release.  I don't remember the
details though.

> From here, the best way to resolve this problem is to run
> diskless with a custom kernel.
I decided to try the very same snapshot I had made in the
diskless configuration.  It worked!  I even managed to do a
manual installation (through some trial and error) onto the the
433t system.  All binaries seem to work fine; no SIGILLs at all.

I suspect that possibly the miniroot generation is not quite
there yet in a cross build environment.