Subject: clean target in does not clean everything
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 04/03/2002 04:46:06

I believe I have discovered an error in the .mk files.

In sys/arch/amiga/stand/loadkmap/ the variable CLEANFILES
is set

FILES is set in the subdirectory Makefiles for the different keymaps. is included here, too.

When I execute 'nbmake-amiga clean' the produced keymap files don't get
deleted because the value of FILES is lost somewhere.

In one of the keymap subdirectories 'nbmake-amiga -V CLEANFILES' says:
  ${FILES} ${DPSRCS} ${YHEADER:D${SRCS:M*.y:.y=.h}}

'nbmake-amiga -V FILES' says nothing, although there's an explicit assignment
in this directory's Makefile.

Using 'nbmake-amiga -dv clean' I can see FILES is assigned correctly first,
but is then reset to the empty string in

I do not understand where the error is, in or in the use
of FILES here.