Subject: Re: Build identifier variable for obj dirs
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: tech-toolchain
Date: 03/09/2002 19:08:00
>> Mostly, it affects the objdir name, such that you end up with
>> objdir names like "obj.${MACHINE}.${BUILDID}".

Greg Woods:
>Surely you don't keep your objects in your source trees do you?  Why not

You mean you don't?  Don't you ever debug software?  Or want to fiddle
with the effects of different compiler options etc and want to switch back 
to a previous attempt after making a minor tweak - and avoid waiting hours
to rebuild everything?  I'm sure Jason and many others have the need to
do things like that.

Granted there are other ways to skin any cat, but don't shoot down 
the notion because you have no need for it.  I'm not sure if I like 
BUILDID or not - ideally if integrated it should be done in such a way
that its existance can be ignored - with no impact by those that don't use it.
Then you and the others that don't need it need not worry/complain.


Simon J. Gerraty        <>

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